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    Rejoice Beloved

    Because everything I do ought to have a kingdom purpose.

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Creativity and Faith

The principle behind Rejoice Beloved is to declare that faith and creativity can coexist. Art is tantamount to expressing our purpose. Reading and writing is the vehicle through which we study and learn God's message to us. We are called to never bury our talents, but rather unearth them, and magnify them for the Lord: by reading, writing, creating art, and communicating and expressing our faith. This is why Rejoice Beloved exists and its areas of focus are these:

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To be transformed and changed, to empathize and make application, to see passages for their relevance to our lives.


To share what we’ve come to learn about the moments in our lives. Not necessarily to heal ourselves, but to teach others.


To express what words cannot, to illustrate what we see with our eyes and heart, without neglecting the mind.


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I hope to give my readers value by promoting excellent storytelling, imaginative art, and creative writing that stands apart from the status quo. I’ve come to learn that lovely things aren’t always immediately visible to the eye at first glance. In a culture and age of information saturation, I am happy to take a look at things I come across that are informative, engaging, and all together lovely. Creatives will especially enjoy, for instance, the historical non-fiction that introduces readers to people, places, and events that otherwise may be overlooked.

When I go to the library or bookstore, unless a title is recommended, I can trust that it is what I am looking for. Many times, in the multitude of options and choices, how can one honestly presume to take at face value anything? Books worth reading, art worth examining, writing worth communicating and explaining is hard to find or practice. Hence, my desire to publish what I’ve come to learn here at Rejoice Beloved. I observe my surroundings through the lens of a biblical worldview, and although not everything here on my site is covered in theology or doctrine, I choose with care those lovely things that inspire creativity, that stretch the imagination enough to invest myself in a world that otherwise I wouldn’t discover.

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